Neopet players have long searched for the magic bullet to make themselves rich overnight, to be able to play the game exactly when and how they want to. The problem? Many often find themselves looking for a neopoint generator to fufill their needs and which in most cases is just plain greed. While we advocate smart choices which are economical and sound for the future, we realize that not everyone is willing to play the game legitimately, and enjoy it for all it has to offer. But we’re here to do the best we can to help you make the right choice.

We at are determined to help you find a real working neopoint generator that works specifically for you in the most productive means possible.

No, we do not mean cheat programs, as many neopoint generators actually are, we mean a methodology which works best for you to enhance your Neopets experience by having more Neopoints.

So, Why not cheat programs?

Well, as we cover in an article which appears on this site, the risk of downloading cheat programs is typically a greater risk than you really want. Why? Because most are programs specifically designed to steal your password and use your account for bad purposes, possibly just to take everything you own, and you’ll have no means of repercussions as you’ll rarely know where the items went.

So what can you use as a Neopoint Generator?

You have a few options, what we recommend is the concept of “supplementary income”, easily achieved by investing some of the extra money you have lying around in the Neopian Stock Market. Typically it has very few risks, as it’s not like the real stock market, and you’ll find guides all over the internet designed to help you make your dreams of having a real neopoint generator come true. There is nothing better than waking up every morning and having more Neopoints than you did the day previously, without doing a single thing!

Do you have any other options?

What works best for some people is the concept posted above, with the addition of starting your investment in the Neopian Stock Market by purchasing Neopoints from a trusted vendor. We personally recommend as they fufill all the requirements we set forth to being a safe and secure site. In addition, it may be beneficial to play a few games that you’re good at on a daily basis, if you achieve the max of 3,000 for a few games only playing for a few minutes per day, that’s extra money you can re-invest in stocks, or other items to merchant and make more money without doing a single thing!

Go on, find your Neopoint Generator!