Let’s face it, most of us have been tempted to try cheating at one time or another — so before I continue I must issue the following warning.

This website does not condone the use of cheat programs, nor do we recommend the use of them. All information provided in this article is on a for educational basis (for reference only). Using Neopets cheats programs may get your account banned (frozen).

Most Neopets Cheats that are out floating around the web are indeed scams. When you “Log In” to the program, your password and username are sent immediatly to the scammers email, and he takes you for everything you have. This is the most notorious method that occurs on MSN Groups, anything with ‘Cheat’ written in the title related to Neopets isn’t out to help you cheat the system and make money, they just want to take yours. You should therefore never trust these programs because by the time you notice that you’ve been taken, it’s often too late. Everything is gone, and your account is possibly frozen.

Please be very cautious if you ever download a Neopets Cheat, things can go very wrong very quickly, and as always — you must be cautioned that the use of them is strongly urged against and you may be frozen for it (but like that’s likely to stop you). Most people who cheat tend to get caught because they get greedy, auto buying and such for hours upon end, never stopping — and this is ultimately their demise. Getting the real programs isn’t half of the battle, the real battle is fighting with yourself and resisting the temptation to go all out and risk it all.