Everyone dreams of becoming a Neo-Millionare, and the first step to that goal is of course making your first 1 Million Neopoints, and after you’ve reached that milestone it tends to become far more easy to make Neopoints (the whole thing about ‘it takes money to make money’ is somewhat true). So we’re going to offer you a few difference scenarios for how to deal with this milestone once accomplished, or how to achieve it.

Unless you are motivated or have a goal, it is doubtful that you will be able to make any Neopoints. You don’t start a roadtrip without having some idea of where you’re headed, or you just wander aimlessly and never make any headway. So the first thing I want you to do is to sit down and create a list of items that you want, or even otherthings — such as goal levels for pets, obtaining a certain color, etc. Once you’ve got the list you need to prioritize them in order of what is most feasable (easily accomplished). There is no point in aiming to make 250 Million Neopoints if you won’t be able to purchase something ‘on the way up’ (as you earn it), so be reasonable. Paintbrushes are a good part of the step ladder, even Gallery items make a deal of motivational potential as they are something you can see to keep you going.

Once you’ve got the list, it’s time to start. On this website we’ve got lots of tutorials for how to make Mad Neopoints fast, and we want you to follow and do what works for you, but we want you to be careful, there are many things that you may be tempted to ‘invest’ in, such as the neodaq, or items that you want to purchase just because they look cool. It is important to remember that items (unless really rare, or retired) tend to become cheaper over time, as more enter the marketplace, so it’s really unwise to buy an item when it first comes out, even though it may look really awesome and you’ve just got to have one! Say no to this temptation and you’ll find yourself with a lot more money.

The longer you stray from temptation to buy items, the longer you can keep it in cash, and in the bank so you may collect interest upon it. Who doesn’t like free money? We don’t! We love it. As you earn more money your interest rate will of course go up so your earnings will begin to multiply substantially.

Once you’ve crossed the threshold of 1 Million Neopoints, it all becomes really easy, you’ve got some experience under your belt to grow on, and you know what works. Doing your neopets dailies can also help (albeit it can be a slow way to get there) you reach your goal of 1 million neopoints.

For more information on the NeoDaq, as well as other things you may be tempted to do, please stay tuned for more articles on the subject on the Right Navigation Bar!